Hello, I'm Amaury
I help B2B & B2C brands
to build their digital capabilities

There is no digital strategy anymore ; just strategy in a digital world

Bud Caddell

Founder, speaker, author, investor

The choice of being Freelance


Embracing the freelance model offers unparalleled flexibility. This ensures that I can seamlessly adapt to the specific needs of your project, pivot when required, and ensure that timelines are met. This agility isn't just about time; it’s about delivering a bespoke digital transformation strategy that suits your business.


Being a freelancer has allowed me to hone a unique set of skills and knowledge in digital transformation. Rather than being confined to the methodologies of a single organization, I've collaborated with diverse businesses, gaining a broad perspective. This rich tapestry of experience ensures that I bring a depth of expertise to every project.

Multi cultural

One of the many perks of freelancing is the exposure to a plethora of cultures, industries, and business ideologies. This multicultural experience equips me with the ability to understand, adapt, and implement solutions that resonate on a global scale, ensuring your transformation strategy is both inclusive and effective.

Business centric

At the heart of every decision, strategy, and implementation I undertake is your business objective. Freelancing has allowed me to immerse myself deeply in the businesses I collaborate with, ensuring that every digital transformation initiative is laser-focused on driving tangible business results.

I'm not ALONE

My partners

While I helm my freelance digital transformation consultancy, I am backed by a robust network of fellow freelance consultants, each a specialist in their unique domain. Together, we stand poised to address your most demanding challenges and expansive project scopes.

What sets us apart from a typical web agency? Each of us is an entrepreneur at heart. This entrepreneurial mindset, combined with our deep-seated expertise, drives us to continuously enhance our craft, striving every day to deliver unmatched value to our clients.

I can mobilize my network of senior Freelancers in order to adress large scale projects and implementations.

  • SEO expert
  • SEM expert
  • CRO expert
  • Copywritter
  • Webdesigner / UX-UI
  • CRM & Data expert